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Ham Radio vs Cell Phone

One advantage of ham radio over cell phones is the ability to simultaneously broadcast a message to all stations at once. To get a message to twelve people by cell phone would require the sender to dial twelve phone numbers, one at a time, until each recipient gets the message or makes a conference call.  That can take a lot of time and should definitely not be done while driving. A ham radio operator can simply press the push-to-talk button to reach all twelve at once. This can easily be done while driving a vehicle as well. The end result is that messages get through very quickly which helps provide smooth communications and a very fast response time in an emergency.

During 9/11, telecommunications in Manhattan went down.  The Twin Towers housed switchboards and cell phone towers to switch cell phone calls to a land line.  The mass chaos and panic left normal communication at a standstill.  Luckily, there were ham radio operators who went to work relaying messages to government officials and emergency personnel.

Another advantage of a ham radio is it sends out more power than a cell phone.  Cell phones have about one watt of power compared to the HT (handheld transceiver) which has five times the power of the cell phone.  This advantage of more power leads to a greater distance a voice can travel over sound waves.  During emergencies, a ham radio is used when the cell phone can not hit the cell phone tower.  Thus, ham radio can save a person’s life.  Ham operators are constantly monitoring and scanning frequencies.  So when in trouble make a “mayday” call and someone listening will triangulate your position to rescue you.