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About the Site

This site is to help inform the general population about ham radio and the many benefits of having one. This site features links and online guides of how to obtain an FCC Amateur Radio license.

The site was inspired by my Elmer (Amateur Radio Mentor) K5TEC to help get more youths involved in the hobby. While teaching Amateur Radio classes to students, I realized that I needed to get the word out about this fun and entertaining hobby. You will never know who you will bump into on the air or the people that will be listening. I met some interesting people who shared with me a great wealth of knowledge. Maybe you will find an Elmer that will teach you. But for now, as you enter this site, I will be your Elmer and guide you through the waves of Amateur Radio. Press down that pitt button and lets go!

About the Author

My call sign is KB1NTR. I am currently a student in high school, who found much passion in Amateur Radio. Before becoming involved in this hobby, I loved to play the stock market, collect sports cards, and build things.  I continue to pursue these hobbies, but have made room in the pie for this new, fun, and exciting activity of talking to other people over the wavelengths. Now I am running the weekly “nets” on my club’s repeater and listening on 20 meters.




Testing Locations
There are many testing locations near you. You might have driven passed them and not realized it. Click on the links page to find a testing location near you.

FCC Web page
The FCC provides Ham operators with the rules and regulations. Also, you can update or renew your license.

The ARRL has filed for judicial review of the FCC's rules governing Access Broadband over Power Line (BPL) systems.